• PRICE: $220.00* * LARGER SIZE VEHICLES: $264

Premium Detail

The Premium Detail was designed the costumers which have a dirty interior car and ae looking for a designer new look to the car.

Includes the following: An interior thorough vacuum, Shampoo and Steam Clean carpets, floor mats and all other cloth. Carpet spot removal and condition leather seats, full dashboard as well as all other vinyl surfaces. All other interior surfaces including cup holders, center console, small storage areas and air vents. Trunk included to all steps. Streak Free Clean Windows and Mirrors

For the Exterior we include: clean tires and rims; including most stubborn break dust. Shine tires using silicone based conditioner for longer shiny black appearance. Clean wheel wells, wash and wax door jambs and remove oxidation and other Residue From Plastic Trim. Clean, condition, and protect plastic and rubber trim. Detail logos & trim to remove excess wax and residue as well as dirt buildup in the engine. Detail Six Step Exterior Paint Solution 1. Hand Wash 2. Remove Bugs and Tar 3. Hand Dry 4. Compound as needed to remove more stubborn scuffs and scratches. 5. Polish to Remove light Scratches, Remove Oxidation, and enhance gloss 6. Carnauba paste wax to provide shine, gloss, and protection

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