• PRICE: $280.00* * LARGER SIZE VEHICLES: $336

Signature Detail

Complete processes which include claying and and top class sealant are utilized on the interior. Fabric protectant and car Fragrance are utilized to give a final luxurious touch. Special cleaning for the vents to give your car a complete new experience when use of these. For the exterior we use expert quality products and high end material to clean, protect and make your car shine better than you imagined possible.

We also include our special NINE step exterior paint expert solution; 1. Hand Wash 2. Remove Bugs and Tar 3. Clay Vehicle to Remove Contaminants 4. Hand Dry 5. Compound as needed to remove more stubborn scuffs and scratches. 6. Polish to Remove light Scratches, Remove Oxidation, and enhance gloss 7-9. 3 coats of Zaino Z-2 PRO Sealant to provide greater protection, gloss, shine, depth, clarity and reflectivity.

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